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Our digital membership platform is designed to give our members direct access to the proven strategies, blueprints and tactics that have enabled our group of businesses to scale up to £100,000,000 in sales since we started, with an annual turnover of £12 million +.

Who is James Sinclair

The Entrepreneurial CEO

James Sinclair is the entrepreneurial CEO of the Partyman Group

Home of 7 much-loved family-based brands which welcome one million customers through the doors of their attractions every year.

James Sinclair is the winner of the national "Entrepreneur Of The Year" Award, highly sought-after keynote speaker, generated over £100,000,000 in his business lifetime and employs 1000+ staff with £40 million + in annual revenues.

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Every week we release exclusive business growth content via our digital training platform.

This includes video lessons which are delivered by James and cover the essential processes, operations and tactics to build, grow and scale successful brands.

The digital platform and associated learning aids - have been created in collaboration with IPQA qualified coaching experts to ensure that the lessons are as impactful to you and your brand as possible. The modules are accompanied by PDF downloads and 'cheat sheets' so you can swipe and deploy the methods James uses.

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Don't just take our word for it...

James showed me what was possible - we were around £400,000 per annum and he just made me push to the next level and we're now turning over £1 million!

Carmel Jane

Owner of Carmel Jane Photography

Carmel Jane

As we approached the 7-figure mark there's nothing better than being able to learn from James who's been there and done it.

Neil Sweeney

Owner of Sicuro

Neil Sweeney

Member-Only Facebook Group

The private Facebook group is set up to be a hub of accountability, peer-to-peer networking and expertise and insights for the entrepenurial community.

You can ask questions, request member feedback or share your business advice to assist fellow members.

James will also host live Q&A sessions for members to be a part of, so that you can get any pressing issues tackled live with your fellow entrepeneurs.

Members Only Facebook Group

Entrepreneurs University is for you if:

  • You are driven and committed entrepreneur.
  • You are working hard but not quite getting the results you want.
  • You want to develop your business skill-set and knowledge.
  • You want more profits from your business.
  • You want to scale up to create more successes.
  • You want to learn from those 'who have been there and done it'.
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